Tan Mei Mei

Head of Life Sciences


Mei Mei has more than 25 years of experience in serving and engaging with government, academia and commercial customers in the fields of Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis within the South Asia Pacific region.

Prior to being a partner of Lighthouse Life Sciences Group, Mei Mei has held a senior management position in a Life Sciences MNC responsible for implementing organisational structure, driving strategic plans and actively developing the next generation of leadership of the corporation in the South Asia Pacific region.

A chemist by trade, Mei Mei has worked in both R&D and QA/QC laboratories in her early postgraduate years before her transition to sales.

Mei Mei provides a very special blend to this business with her professional experience and active engagement in the Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis community. Having worked in regional sales for the bulk of her career, she has built a broad network of contacts relevant to this business. She has also proven to be effective in helping customers to identify and hire suitable candidates for positions with niche requirements.


Mid to senior management levels in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing and Operations in Life Sciences.


Mei Mei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore. A seasoned professional with a passion for customer advocacy, Mei Mei is actively involved in the Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis community in the Asia region and she is a member of the Singapore Society of Mass Spectrometry.